At Pasta 78 Catering makes our sauces from scratch, offering Vegetarian, Vegan, and Dairy-free options with all of them being Gluten Free. Our sauces are very delicious made simple and made fresh daily. We are the only pasta shop in America allowing you to “Build Your Own Bowl” just the way you like it. Based on the variety of fresh pasta and sauces, you can always build 78 combinations of pairings. Pasta 78 is also the only fast-casual restaurant that offers build your own Baked Ziti Bowl. ~ Most importantly, our pasta is always made in the store daily.  

Our Story

Our journey began fifty years ago in Gaeta, Italy where Chef Antonio Magliozzi inspired many with his amazing sauces served with fresh pasta. His voyage brought him to America,  where he had the opportunity to serve many celebrities including US President Bill Clinton. Chef Antonio has been sharing his love for cooking for 50 years. His recipes carry on at Pasta 78.  

Pasta 78 bowls
It's All About The Family

“I come from a long line of family members who love pasta and make fresh recipes. My love for pasta inspired me to create a pasta shop that delivers quality pasta in a quick-serve restaurant.”

Authentic Pasta

The Recipe is in the Ingredients

We work with local suppliers to bring you the freshest handmade pasta and sauces in Arizona. 

Authentic Italian Flavors

We deliver the best in quality Italian ingredients.

Handmade "Secret" Ingredients

We love to share our pasta, not so much the secrets to our sauces and fresh pasta.

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